"Earth from Space" is a popular scientific magazine introducing the reader to a broad range of issues related to acquisition, preliminary and in-depth thematic processing, analysis and application of Earth remote sensing data. The magazine covers the latest developments and projects implemented using remote sensing data based on modern GIS and Web-based technology, current issues and trends in the field of space imagery.


The magazine has been published since 2009. In 2013 the edition has been completely renovated. This effected both design and content of magazine’s issues. Now the magazine presents popular-science, artistic materials adopted for non-professional audience.


Issues published in 2009–2013 were conceived as a series of topical thematic readers’ digests on space imagery applications: forestry, construction, transport, ecology, education, web-technologies, etc.


Founder and publisher: R&D Center SCANEX (20 Berezhkovskaya naberezhnaya, bld.10, Moscow, Russia, 123995, www.scanex.com)

Circulation of the printed Russian version: 3000 copies
Publication frequency: 4 times a year (since 2015)
ISSN number: 2079-6048 (print Russian version), 2218-2950 (online version)
Registration certificate: in Roscomnadzor ПИ №ФС-77-36871 dated July 20, 2009