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The key topics of the issue are building of spatial data infrastructure of the Primorsky territory, “Demeter” system of Rosselkhoznadzor, operational marine monitoring, SPOT 6 and SPOT 7 satellites – a new step in the development of remote sensing industry, the “Arctic Walrus” Project, “Kosmosnimki-fires” service, the Internet contest “Living map”, Space reform in Russia.


– Technological and modern information potential often goes ahead of those systematic administrative processes destined to support their accurate adjustment and use. We hope this issue will shed light on some methods of development both in regional and subject aspects of using space imagery technologies in practice.


Vladimir Gershenzon,




3 - Editor's note V. Gershenzon

15 - Building of Spatial Data Infrastructure of the Primorsky Territory A. Abrosimov, A. Zemchikhin, L. Nefedyev, V. Kononov, A. Schurov, Y. Golovachev, T. Potapova

25 - “Demeter” system of Rosselkhoznadzor A. Novikov, M. Potanin, T. Khaybrakhmanov

37 - Operational Maritime Monitoring: New Geoinformation Solutions and Internet Technologies A. Ivanov, M. Potanin, N. Filimonova, A. Antonyuk, N. Evtushenko

48 - Building Satellite Tracking Complex for Marine Polar Expeditions S. Shevtsova, M. Kovaleva, D. Kovalev, S. Koposov

58 - Experience of Space Imagery Application for Monitoring Cumulative Environmental Damage Sites in Murmansk Region N. Mitkinykh, A. Kucheiko, A. Nikitsky, N. Evtushenko, A. Cheremisova

66 - The “Arctic Walrus” Project N. Evtushenko, A. Cheremisova, A. Kucheiko, M. Pukhova, V. Semenova

72 - Web-GIS for Accessing the Latest Information about Game Reserves M. Voronina, D. Mokeev, G. Potapov

82 - SPOT 6 and SPOT 7 Satellites — a New Step in the Developm ent of Remote Sensing Industry A. Sonyushkin, M. Zimin
89 - Development of Korean constellation of remote sensing satellites I. Ivanova
99 - Night Satellite Imagery as an Indicator of Population Distribution O. Kushnyr
107 - “Kosmosnimki–Fires” — perspective opportunities of alert services G. Potapov, V. Komorovsky
118 - Base Maps for Geomixer Web-GIS M. Voronina, T. Khaybrakhmanov

126 - Satellite Images in School Education. The Internet-Contest “Living Map” Y. Alexandrova
132 - On Adopted Basic Principles of State Policy Regarding Us e of Results of Space Activities A. Balagurov
138 - World Events and Trends in Remote Sensing

146 - Space Reform in Russia? Simple! A. Ionin
150 - Irkutsk and outskirts